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Kat Schraiber, affectionately known as Kat Special, embodies a nurturing spirit in her journey as a devoted bodyworker. Her path intertwines elements of healing, personal growth, and a profound connection to spirituality, all rooted in her kind and loving nature.
When Kat was just 19 years old, her life was marked by the poignant loss of her mother to breast cancer. Being her mother’s caregiver since the tender age of 11, this heartbreaking experience became a pivotal moment that led Kat to reflect deeply on the meaning and purpose of her life. Amidst this journey of self-discovery, she found solace and inspiration in the realms of herbalism and nutrition, driven by her desire to nurture herself in ways she hadn’t been taught growing up.
A few years later Kat’s journey into bodywork began at San Diego’s Healing Hands School of Holistic Health. This decision turned out to be serendipitous offering. Healing Hands offered a comprehensive massage therapy program as well as classes in herbalism and nutrition, taught by the esteemed Shana Lipner Grover of Sage Country Herbs. Drawn to alternative methods of healthcare, Kat immersed herself in these classes, unknowingly laying the foundation for her deep love of bodywork. Completing her training, Kat embarked on a professional journey collaborating closely with chiropractors in San Diego, focusing on injury rehabilitation. This hands-on experience equipped her with a robust knowledge base, honing her skills in practical settings. Simultaneously, she continued her studies with Shana Lipner Grover, participating in the Sage Country Herbs field botany apprenticeship and working directly as Shana’s assistant.  A significant turning point came in 2018 during a women’s retreat in Northern California, where Kat encountered a practitioner offering breast checks and massage. With a familial history of breast cancer and her own genetic predisposition, her curiosity and determination led her to become a recipient of this treatment. The exceptional care she received prompted her to pursue further studies with the practitioner’s teacher, dhyana Essentials, introducing Kat to Ayurveda through the Intro to Ayurveda Clinical Foundation Program. Kat’s passion for Ayurveda, lymphatic health, breast health, and Ayurvedic bodywork flourished through her studies with DeAnna. The profound influence of Ayurvedic principles continues to shape Kat’s current bodywork practice, and she plans to sustain this trajectory by further studying with DeAnna in the coming years. The culmination of long journeys from San Diego to Sonoma County marked the completion of Kat’s course with dhyana Essentials. She subsequently moved back to Los Angeles, where she found herself working with Martha Soffer as a Panchakarma Therapist at Surya Spa in Santa Monica. This three-year experience provided Kat with invaluable exposure to various tissues, ailments, and Ayurvedic-based solutions, enriching her practice even further. Kat began building her private clientele from her home in Altadena while working at Surya Spa. Her confidence and rhythm flourished leading her to join forces with her incredibly talented friend, Ariana Daub, to establish Wild Daughter Wellness in Eagle Rock. This endeavor has allowed them to curate a space where they can offer high-quality services, emphasizing bodywork as a form of preventative medicine. In this nurturing space, Kat has developed her signature treatment, Body Ceremony, showcasing her dedication to holistic well-being. Her gratitude for her clients is palpable, and she feels honored to support everyone who walks through her door. Looking to the future, Kat aspires to share her knowledge and expertise by teaching other aspiring bodyworkers. For those interested in experiencing Kat’s transformative care or seeking guidance, she warmly welcomes inquires at connect@katspecial.com.

Endless gratitude to my teachers

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