a woman getting a massage in a room
a woman giving a massage to a woman

Rose- Crafted for individuals seeking targeted care for fibrous, tender, or stagnant breast tissue, this specialized workshop is inspired by the principles of Ayurveda and elemental medicine. This interactive workshop places an emphasis on the upper channels of the body, offering a thorough exploration of the lymphatic system and its relation to breast health. You'll be equipped with personalized self-care techniques to continue at home, empowering you to take charge of your breast health proactively.

60 mins $150

Inner Garden - a rejuvenating retreat that takes you deep into your senses. Gently combining the intentional techniques of deep tissue sculpting and abyangha this ceremony invites you to unwind and relax into a dreamy state. Whether you're seeking relief from chronic pain or desiring a revitalizing experience, the Body Ceremony guides you on a therapeutic journey, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed. Immerse yourself in this restorative retreat and explore the profound benefits of deep relaxation and healing layer by layer.

90 minutes $225

120 minutes $275

a woman getting a massage
a woman getting a back massage with a wooden board

Inner River- A deep dive into the lymphatic system, recognizing its primary importance in treating most any condition. The treatment begins by addressing the flow of lymph, which, when hindered, can lead to imbalances in the mucus membranes, affecting our physical immune system. By understanding your unique constitution, Ginger tailors the treatment to your specific needs. Through the skillful use of hot towels, wooden gua shas, cupping, and warm oils, Ginger combines these techniques to effectively release stagnant lymph, unravel matted fascia, sculpt the body, boost immunity, and reduce edema. This holistic approach restores harmony, vitality, and balance to your entire being.

120 minutes $300

All inclusive pricing

Gratuity is optional